Revo Naval

"We need people who dream big. People who dream crazy enough." -Revo Naval
Speaking of people who have achieved success but still have their feet firmly planted on the ground, Designer/Photographer Revo Naval is one of them. He's the one who created that very much proliferated Php500 bill with Ninoy and Cory on them as part of his multimedia art exhibit. He is also the Art Director for STATUS Magazine and did I mention he is a graduate of De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde? *smug face* I messaged him one time in Facebook (I told you my confidence level online is incredible) and he replied to it. It was basically a fanboy moment and he mentioned that he has visited theSDAproject and he thinks it's cool... and he hopes of meeting me someday. (hopefully tomorrow during MDW!!!) In the video he asks if he gets the questions right and that made me like him, because just like you and me, he gets conscious in front of the camera and there's nothing more honest than that!
FANBOY MOMENT. Thank you Lyka for taking the shot! :D So this was taken fresh from the Manila Design Week event earlier. I FINALLY MET THE REVO NAVAL. \:D/ THIS. IS. EPIC. Relieved that when I approached him, he recognized me and he was so cool to talk to. B-) This is but just one of the many snapshots theSDAproject took from the "What's in your Bag?" event from tonight at Greenbelt 5. You will be seeing more of these in our blog very soon!

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