Dean and Trent

There’s so much flexibility in terms of what we can wear here. There are many local brands like Folded and Hung or Bench, down to independent retailers. You just have to mix it up, how you wear it yourself. Find out what fits your personality, stick to that and maybe you can find who you really are and how to express yourself better through clothes.” -Timmy Ang, Owner of Dean & Trent

Although I haven't met Mr. Timmy Ang yet (Wooh Aug 28 please come soon) watching this video of him makes me feel like somehow I have. Everything he said were my beliefs as well. I'm taking up Fashion Design precisely because I want men to dress up better and provide clothes that actually guys would wear. So there, I thought I was being a visionary . =))))

It was back in 3rd Year when I first checked out Dean & Trent in the Archaeology Area in Rockwell and until now I have been one of their avid customers. Thanks to Facebook I saw their need of an intern and I, being more audacious in the online world than in real life... I applied. =)))) I thought I would just be ignored because I was still in college but my emails were being responded to and the next thing I knew I was being interviewed by Sir Rick Manzano. Things just fall into place I guess. :)


Jech Tiu said...

Hey Lorenz! This is Jech from tumblr. You've an awesome blog as well! And I also applied for internship at Dean & Trent, but unfortunately, all the slots were filled up when I sent my resume :(

Lorenz said...

REALLY? .___. That's sad when we know that we could've worked together. :)) I was very enthusiastic about the internship even though I'm still a frosh but I'm glad everything worked out! :)) Well, everything happens for a reason and I'm sure you'l have your turn. :D Are you searchable in Facebook?

Jech Tiu said...

Yeap! Although I rarely check my Facebook account. It's practically dead haha! I see you're friends with David Guison. I found his site by accident a couple of weeks ago, but I've been following him ever since. You guys have really good stuff! *clap clap*

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