What's your secret?

Postsecret is one of my bookmarked pages although they just update their website every Sunday. Reading the entries from people all over the world somehow assures you that you are not alone in facing your demons. It lets you know that your problems in comparison are petty. And that someone, somewhere in this world, has it worse than you do. http://postsecret.com
(3:35 mark)
Girl: Hey, dig in there deep.
Guy: Alright, you know, ugh, your cat disappeared? I ran it over.
Girl: Hmmm. let's think. You know like, you know those books I have that I don't let you read?
Guy: Yeah.
Girl: It's just all these love poems that are all about you.

=))))))))) That girl does not understand what parallelism is all about. =)))
ERIN! The way this was shot reminds me of your awesome camera. =)) I wanna shoot videos with it. :))))


your friend...i hope :( said...

"the way this was shot remindS me..."

quick! before the keterrbug arrives and judges! :))

Lorenz said...

Hi! Who is this? :))) No you clearly have the wrong idea about "katerrbug" =)) she's my teacher and so the corrections on my spelling and grammar are always checked by her. :))) :> I don't get offended when people try to correct me you know. :)))))

Unlike some people. :)

secretface said...

Hello Lorenz(o)! now i know you know me..or perhaps not... or maybe i just said that to make you think you don't know me when you really do. :o I confused myself there hihi :))

Now, going back to the topic. You say my idea is "wrong." I say your answer to my biased answer is well, biased :> You can see this two ways: one, i considered katerrbug's entire personality solely from your blog posts (i'm a big fan!) or i considered katerrbug from personal experience and knowledge :)

sorry lorenz. you just didn't guess who i was fast enough :(

Clue to who i am: the clock has been replaced but forever always shall its shadow remain. :)

Lorenz said...

ABAAAA =)) So what makes you think I'm interested to know you? :)) You're making this too complicated so I'll leave you with your life. =))) I'm sorry, I'm scared of talking to strangers. :|

ryan said...

i'm not a stranger :( :)) i'm surprised you actually approved that comment @-)

i read through postsecret and idk if i should be laughing or like sad from what i read :)) "my mom was worried about my gay cousin touching me when she should've been worried about my brother touching me" @-)

Lorenz said...

@Ryan: YOUR ARE CRAZY. Actually I had in mind that it was you playing with me but then I thought Ryan's busy these days so he wouldn't waste his time doing something like this.

I WAS WRONG. HAHAH. You are crazy. =))

UHM. =))))))) There are worse things I read from Postsecret. Like how she is so depressed after giving birth that she has delusions of kiling her own baby. @____@ -__-

Erin said...

ERIN! The way this was shot reminds me of your awesome camera. =)) I wanna shoot videos with it. :))))

--OMG :)) One day shoot tayo ng vids with my caaam and then indie much :> =)) whut. HELLO >:D<

Lorenz said...

TARA game :)))) naiinggit ako sa cam mo :"> :))))

ryan said...

lol lorenz... even the things you like to blog about are psycho thriller :O :)) please don't turn psycho :(

pretty much over with hell week :)) kinda surprised i don't have much to do nga e. math midterms na lang on friday and then destress :D

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