Sassa Jimenez

Got invited by Ms. Sassa to attend her fashion event in Member's Only at the Fort last night. She showed off her latest designs of contemporary and timeless white gowns and dresses with her muses proudly wearing them at the event. I was really quite honestly anxious just to be invited but luckily this fell on the term break so I just had to go. I was all alone on the way to the venue and I didn't know what to expect when I got there but all my worries faded away when Ms. Sassa arrived as she was very accommodating beyond words can say. I met a lot of people who both you and I just get to read on the papers/magazines and to be able to strike a conversation with them is surely not something I can get used to. :)) Highlight of the night was talking to Garage Magazine's Style Assistant: Adrianne Concepcion. asdfghjkl. Too much to process. :))
Prive Fashion Series Presents:
Sassa Jimenez
Perfect word association: Statuesque = Bea Soriano. Bea Soriano = Statuesque. Deal? :))
Friendliest couple ever: JR Dee and Bea Soriano :))
Sassa with her muses
Congratulations Sassa! Mighty Proud. :D
My bestfriend for the night, Ms. Sassa's secretary, Ms. Gina. :))))
After meeting Isabelle, Georgina and Bea I think I need to see Anne Curtis in real life. Still haven't. :))))
Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Ms. Sassa's parents, advertising moguls and proud parents for the night, Sir Mon and Abby Jimenez.
Sassaaaaa I LOVE YOU (you'll design my future wife's wedding gown and of course, I'll be responsible for my own suit!! =)))

(I would like to thank my camera for cooperating with me last night. :))))

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