Thank God the Week is Done

[Photos from Pia Fasol]
Flanked with Pia, Isa and Denise
This is not my comfort zone =))))))))
I had to go or else you'd bitch the hell out of me. =))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISA! Belated. :))
LEXIE says "NUUUXXX" better than anyone else would.
I don't care if she passed out I'm hungry. =))))
Chik, Pia, Isa, Me and Esme partying out rather than inside.
AUDREY. 8-> 8->
Always still ends up at McDonald's. =)))

You venture into something and you don't expect to enjoy the ride but the journey is more important than the destination and that's something you have to keep in mind. (Shit, I'm so deep.) I haven't really blogged about my blockmates and now that I'm doing this, it makes college all too real. :)) Meet my blockmates! (err, some of my blockmates, haha.) Who despite the four months we've been together never seem to run out of stylish clothes, who manages to make me laugh with the shallowest of jokes and who are talented, inspiring, eager and crazy all rolled into one. NUUXX. =)))) (No one's forcing me to do this BTW.) We all went to Isa's 19th birthday party at the Amber Club in The Fort. :))))) Glad things didn't go out of hand and a swell night to party before taking our Finals next week. :| :| One more term as a block section! \:D/


Esme said...

Bukas ko na ibigay yung bayad, pare.

Lorenz said...

anong bayad? :)) For posting this? =)))))

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