What is Fifth Code?

FIFTH CODE, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why I'm very preoccupied that past days/weeks/months! I'm launching an online store that's all about blazers. They are my thing and it is my frustration just how much they are underused! So I thought of designing and having them made I think late last August. Spent a lot of sleepless nights conceptualizing on what my brand is going to be, its look and its feel. Coming up with my own brand has been on top of my head for quite some time now and everything felt easy because everybody lent a hand at this. For now, I'm releasing only two blazers but it is my goal to produce at least two per month and I'll also do custom made blazers for those interested. Just had to get the idea out there to test the waters.
Want to thank my awesome friends for helping out! Lyka for producing the pictures I had in mind, Esme for volunteering your help in styling and making the video, Isa for hair and make-up and Roi, who I asked at the last minute to model the clothes, thank you for not ditching. :)) I also want to thank my mom's lawyer-friend for taking care of all the legal documents. :D (HAHA. You thought I was just joking with this?) Last but not the least, my parents! Thank you for guiding me with this launch and for investing in my ideas. :D Everything gets better from here on and it's all because of all your help. :)


kate said...

mystery solved! i thought you were your own model:)) great job lorenz!

CHE said...

,Galing-galing!! I'm excited for its future :)))
,Congrats and good luck Lorenz! :)

Lorenz said...


@CHE:Thank youuuu! :D

M.Pongky said...

This is so... soo..... *speechless*
hey! you said I could "feature" this on my humble little art blog 8D
Just waiting for your go signal XD
you're so awesomeeeee

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