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The internet threatens print? As in the words of Hearst Publishing’s Cathie Black, “I actually believe the experience that one has reading a magazine, sitting on a couch, in bed, on an airplane, wherever you choose to read, is a very different experience than just going online. I don’t think print is dead at all.” Magazines encapsulate the culture of an ever changing society. For guys, these are some magazines that have established themselves as such. Take a read as you know more facts of some of your favorite titles.

History: Has undergone a re-launch on October 2000 but has been existent since 1982.
Target Audience: Judging from their recent covers, definitely targeted for the modern man.
What they’re all about: Fashion and lifestyle but then again with the freshest and sleekest layout out there. Clean cut covers that shows off their confidence in what they are doing.

History: Spurred out from GQ’s debut in 1931. They have long been competitors ever since.
Target Audience: Refined readers who are concerned with global issues. Fashion included.
What they’re all about: Recognizable for their “wall of type” magazine covers, they offer works of fiction from renowned authors as well as the annual Sexiest Women Alive issue. Truly a magazine on a league of its own.

GQ MAGAZINE (Gentlemen’s Quarterly)
History: Originally called as Apparel Arts, this men’s fashion magazine can be considered as the grandfather of them all.
Target Audience: Working class bachelors who have money to spend and illustrious lives to live.
What they’re all about: Food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, books and fashion. If they are not the bible for men’s style and culture, we don’t know what is.

History: First published in 2004, Nylon Guys is the brand extension of its much dominant sister magazine.
Target Audience: Late teenagers to those in their early thirties who could call themselves as hipsters.
What they’re all about: Hip, stylish with its trademark indie feel, Nylon has franchises in Japan, Korea and Mexico. They have heavy coverage on music and pop culture and anything and everything that is not too mainstream.

History: Jake Cuenca on their Aug/Sept maiden issue saw the dawn of an inspired and underserved market in the local magazine industry.
Target Audience: Those who are old enough to understand that guys are synonymous to boys.
What they’re all about: Currently at the forefront in men’s fashion in the country, they dictate what’s the in thing and what’s not. They emphasize the importance of Personal Style for guys may it be inspired by the 80’s or the rocker look.

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