You know it's Christmas when...

MEET ARIAN (yeah, that's how you spell her name) everybody. She's going to be living with us from now on and she's the cutest thing just because she's always amazed with everything she sees. :)) Not so sure about me being her big brother. HAHA I goof around just as much as she does. =)) My parents figured that since they do not pay anything for my college and I stay at the dorm most times, might as well let her stay with us and be with her mommy. :))
1.) Your mom takes time off her busy schedule just to put up the Christmas tree at the living room. 
2.) The Starbucks planner for next year is already out and you can now replace your old and beaten one. 
3.) You make someone be happily reunited with her daughter and make her part of the family. :)


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