My life as a D&T Intern

HAHA. The title is so misleading because uhh, I'm just a work-at-home/ work-from-school (?) intern and I rarely go to the office. But after a long time, volunteered my help and my day for Showroom Saturday at the D&T office! And since Sir Rick and DC weren't going to be around, I was made "in-charge" to manage the whole event with the help of other D&T employees of course! :> Made sure everyone came to their alloted time slot and kept everything smooth sailing. The day went without glitch and the owner, Sir Timmy came by and told me to get a free item! :D Can't blog much so you all gotta wait for the Dean and Trent blog post about Showroom Saturday to be up next week! :D
THE STOCKROOM is one place I just want to raid. Whenever they tell me to just get any item I like, I just don't know where to start. Receiving free clothes is such a blessing!
After that stint, met-up with Miss Kate and Ryan for dinner at Technohub!
THANKS FOR THE GIFT MISS KATE. =)))) It is so invaluable! HAHA.


kate said...

your reaction: priceless :)))) plus, i knew you'd be getting lavish gifts for your birthday- i meant to break that habit:))[defending my gift: check! ]

Lorenz said...

NOOOO. I don't think I'd be getting whatever lavish gifts you are pertaining there. =)) BUT HAHAH it's the thought that counts so there's no point of arguing there. =))) HAHAHA

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