Curiosity Killed the Cat

No, no one gets killed. If there's anything that's going to happen that's just you getting freebies if you join Dean & Trent's newest online contest! Here are the mechanics:


1. Show us what’s inside your bag and tell us what those items are.
2. Email entries to on/before Feb. 15 / 11:59pm.
3. Only 1 entry per person.
4. Qualified entries shall be posted on Facebook starting Feb. 16.
5. The winner shall get a gift check from Dad’s Restaurant worth Php1,000. He shall also be featured on our Blog & Facebook page.

This is the fourth contest Dean & Trent has come up for all of it's loyal customers and a few have been privileged enough to win the prizes that has been promised. This isn't bogus at all! Take a few photos of the interesting things found in your bag (or satchel if you insist), describe them individually and email them! It's that easy! Take part of this as you only have 6 more days to do so! Hurry!

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