DLSUnite Fashion Show

[Photo courtesy: Ecks Abitona & Efril Lagman]

Ecks contacted me if they could use Fifth Code blazers for a fashion show in DLSU and I gladly obliged. This was the third event I lent the blazers to be used. The first two were for Ateneo parties so I was happy that I was able to sponsor for DLSU. Fair and Square. :)) Went inside to supposedly style the models but was too late to do so. Instead, Esme and I just hung-out with Ecks and talked about stuff behind-the-scenes. HAHA. Super fun to meet new people and hear that they like the blazers. I'm wondering though if I should release designs for girls since a lot of the feedback I keep on getting says the same thing. :)) Proud moment to see all the blazers be worn and modeled. First time to witness it happen! Thanks so much Ecks!

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