"Amorphous" by Rajo Laurel for Plains & Prints

"Who here wants to be a designer?" Rajo asked when he was having a talk for SoFA October of last year. Almost everyone eagerly raised their hands up. "Well, take a good look of those people in front, behind, and right beside you, cause you will never know if these are the people you will be working with in the future."

Rajo was very collaborative for his second collection for Plains and Prints. It was formally launched at Whitespace in Pasong Tamo Ext. last Tuesday, March 1, 2011. “It’s very important if you’re a creative person that you surround yourself with people that you feel comfortable with," he says. Judging from the videos I saw that went viral I could say that this was an arduous concept he brought to life with help from others. And last night he shared the stage and credited those people.

I don't know the technical words to describe Mr. Rajo Laurel's collection aside from saying that from what I saw, the pieces were very versatile. I saw them transform from one kind of cut to another. The clothes were pretty and the print is distinct --- now a Rajo Laurel signature print! Anyway, he was very accommodating to me and had his picture taken with my friends that I brought! Probably concerned or having the need to entertain other guests, Rajo nevertheless took the time to talk to me. And I might not know him that well but I feel like I know him enough to say that he deserves all the success he is getting! :)
Congratulations Rajo! :D
Kiana, Wency, Kirsten, Carlos and Timo
Cause I knew I had to have a snapshot taken with Preview's Associate Editor Ms. Daryl Chang and Creative Director Mr. Vince Uy! I'm sorry if the people in the fashion industry are my celebrities. :)))
Definitely the highlight of the night: Meeting Divine Lee! Nikki, Wency and I were saying how we would all want to go home with a picture with her. And so when she was nearing us, I approached her and asked if it was okay. :)) As soon as I told her that we read her tumblr, that was when she let her guards down and became the Divine Lee we love when she writes in her blog! She talked to us like we were her lifelong friends and for that she definitely is one of those most approachable people I've ever come across with. So thankful that I have been able to meet really successful yet very grounded individuals. :)

[Photo Credit: Nikki Ruiz]


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awwww.. sweet! :) Thanks! see you guys soon!

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