Halcyon (noun): idyllically calm and peaceful; suggesting happy tranquillity. Because Baguio was just that. A place where even just for three days (Friday till Sunday) I was able to be in a different place, free from the usual sights and sounds and away from the monotonous life at home. Was with family and we've been to Baguio before but it was our first time to go there to attend the Panagbenga Festival. And they say one should be a tourist of his own country first so this is our way to #helpDOT. :>
Left the house at 5:30 in the morning last Friday.
Arrived past 2pm at The Manor.
Philippine Tatler's Best Restaurant of 2008. :))
Panagbenga when translated means Flower Festival. And here are the best floats for me:
We were on top of a building during the parade and I actually saw travel and food blogger, Brian Ong of http://brianong.blogspot.com taking pictures and assiting Sec. Lim of DOT. :)) Sorry couldn't say hi from where I was at! :))
Baguio was too damn cold. You never underestimate. Lesson learned. =))
Left Baguio last Sunday at past 2pm. :) HAHA. When I was in Baguio I brought all of my homeworks, plates and projects with me. I was very serious about finishing them even if I was on vacation but that was TOO IDEAL. Procrastination happened and then cramming all of them today. :)) Being at Baguio over the long weekend was so much fun and I can only wish going to a different destination weekly is attainable. :)

P.S: Thanking both Nikki Ruiz and Lyka Orhel , two of my very awesome <insert synonym of awesome here> photographer friends, who took the time to teach me some basic stuff in Photoshop. I give credit where credit is due and the things I learn are from the masters that are them. Check out their blogs to see their works and be awed. :)

P.P.S.: Blogging about this now. And now being at 3AM because I love my blog so much. :))


Anonymous said...

ugh. I know how you feel. goodluck. midterms week.

Brian Ong said...

Sayaaang! HAHA Hope you had fun! I didn't expect it to be that many people T_T It was my first time in Panagbenga :P At may special mention pa talaga eh! :))) Cool! I work in DOT now, that's why :P Seeya around

Jech said...

Lorenz! The photo in which you had the toggle hoodie on is amazing!

Vic said...

Sometimes, I wish that we didn't have a house there just to be able to check at the Manor :))))


Lorenz said...

@Brian: HAHA ang galing nga eh you were at the middle of the street. Must be an awesome place to take pictures! See you around!

@Jech: JECH! Ganda ng new shoes ahhh. HAHA I know, marunong na ako magphotoshop. Slight lang =))))

@Vic: IDEAL STUCK with me okay =)) Onga Manor was super nice! :>

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