March 27, 2011 (Saturday) -- I'm never the one to pass up on an opportunity to try out something I've never done before. This was my third time to work with Patty ( The first time was being asked my her to style for another fun shoot and the second was when I got her to take photos for Fifth Code's third collection (Which happened the day before this shoot for W Talent). I just thought they'd be random models with unheard of names but was surprised to find out that I'd be styling Channel V's Alvin Alfonso and the Azkals Neil Etheridge. Pretty big names for a freelance like me. Through Patty we were able to pull-out stuff from Commune Manila ( and almost all other clothing items used was my own. Very grateful for the experience and to be asked if I did magazine styling already because they liked my work proved that this could very well be a viable career. Haha. 

Can't wait for Patty to release the official photos! Thanks for getting me Patty! :)

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