Truthfully I'm one of those who judged by the book's cover. No matter how many times people will tell me there's much more to it than meets the eye, I'm relentless when I'm not impressed by what I see. Haha. Rogue's one of those local magazines that you have to keep tabs on monthly. They are undoubtedly at par with international titles and I still keep close by my bedside table their July 2008 Anne Curtis issue. That cover was perfect I wanted to have it framed.

I don't religiously buy Rogue because sometimes I chance upon an opened copy and money's too precious nowadays to splurge on a magazine. Rogue, however, makes it much harder for me to pass on an issue. Style Editor L.A. Consing Lopez is responsible why I can't take my eyes off on their covers. He's exceptionally well at what he does!

The few times I just have to buy Rogue, it's never a purchase I regret. What always happens instead is the need to have it framed.

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