You all could be bragging about your modern houses, how the walls are in pristine white, solid and bold colors as accents and unique furnitures to match. However, nothing is as charming as a place as old as time. I'm a big fan of anything vintage and when my mom asked us to go to this house-turned-restaurant somewhere in Manila I was completely floored by the antiquity of the place. We drove all the way there, by the way, to celebrate my dad's birthday. My dad's one simple man and we haven't done anything quite like this before so it was a welcome change for everybody.

Having been built as early as the 1930's, the place has so much history and your imagination can go wild when you think about who might have lived there and what they were like. But one thing's for sure... they were mighty rich. The place exuded old world charm like no other place I've been to in Manila. And before I forget, it is also a fine dining restaurant that served the most scrumptious meals one couldn't discount them for. They prepared food that were also popular during the Spanish times. I had a grand time and it was one of those memorable dining experiences I have ever had so far. Time froze at that moment for us.

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Abby said...

What's the name of the place? This is so awesome! :O

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