Backlog! Posted about this last April (http://www.lorenznamalata.com/2011/04/styling-duties.html) but it wasn't until yesterday that I was able to get the official photos from Patty. Just cause we always meet-up but I keep forgetting my hard drive. Hahah so here they are! As I've said, I still couldn't believe how my first major styling stint and a studio shoot at that, involved two of the most popular personalities of today. And the people who I owe this opportunity to are: Ms. Chere Gioskos and Ms. Joanne Samson of W Talent and of course to Patty Mendoza! Thank you! :D

Neil Etheridge

Alvin Alfonso

Photographer by Patty Mendoza
Grooming by Zooey/Zowee
Styling by Lorenz Namalata
Assisted by Gelo Clavano and Lyka Orhel
Special thanks to W Talent Mgmt, Julo De Guzman, and Christel Boncan of Commune MNL

PS: Should you want to use the photos elsewhere please don't fail to credit and ask permission from W Talent. :)


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