Last October 15, I had the opportunity to style young photographer BJ Pascual who is, safe to say, the ultimate poster boy for the "behind-the-scenes celebrity" if you will. That day was hectic because I launched Fifth Code's 5th lookbook as well as it was my mother's birthday! :) But I always say I'd rather be busy than be a bum. Getting all stressed out somehow gives me the adrenaline rush. It was a fun shoot since everybody's mindset was just for it to look great! 

Read the article to know more about BJ and how inspiring he is! ( Everybody knows that he is the man of the moment and it's just nice knowing that he is very humble despite the overflowing praise of all of his work! It really makes you wonder why other people, who haven't achieved so much, have the guts and gall to be all high and mighty. Hahaha! Let BJ teach you how it's done! 

Favorite excerpt from the interview: 
 "How do you feel/deal with criticism?" 
"You should know where the criticisms come from and take everything people say with a grain of salt since there are a lot of people who criticize just so they have something to say...."

Thank you to everyone behind Stache Magazine! :)

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