When Garage's Editor-In-Chief emailed me telling me that they were going to feature me as one of the emerging menswear brands of the Metro I was feeling very apprehensive. Apprehensive because (1) I was still an architect not the engineer (let me get to that later) and because (2) I did not know what to wear for the photoshoot. Hahah! Seriously though, this opportunity does not come around so often and when this is being handed to you, you go for it. But in my perspective, I went for it with the realization that it doesn't end after the feature. That more than ever the pressure will be higher and I have got to prove something in the end. 

 We're gearing on for our last term in our 2nd year and then after that we say hello to our 3rd year --- the year when it's all about the real thing. Cutting, sewing, making patterns, drawing, YEP the whole deal. I'm so excited to learn and engage in this already because after all, that's what I'm in Fashion Design for. And you really can't call yourself a designer unless you undergo the discipline. So that what I'm going to do folks... let Fifth Code grow with me. And one day, I believe this feature will be the one which fueled the fire. :)

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