Since October of this month, Fifth Code has appeared on the pages of Garage Magazine consistently! There have been times when I think to myself that it has already reached a plateau but life constantly surprises me and gives me new opportunities! I'm grateful for the awesome year Fifth Code has had :) What a nice way to greet my birthday month.

For the adventurous style savants Fall 2011 brings color-on-color to the center stage

Photography MILO SOGUECO

Jinggo Inoncillo
Edwin Tan
Pepsi Herrera
Rajo Laurel

Ziggy Savella
Jinggo Inoncillo
Button down, shorts and blazer all from me
(email for price)

(Photos from Milo Sogueco's Facebook

I remember I was in Starbucks with Toch trying to watch him go through and edit the videos for Fifth Code's anniversary when I got a call from Adrianne for this ed. Got really stunned when I heard about being part of it more so when I heard the names of the other menswear designers he was including for this editorial. Below are some photos of what was the brief plus the pegs I made out of the inspirations. I also want to give out a massive shout-out to my dear friend/course mate Lexie for accompanying me that rainy day in Divi just cause she's reliable like that! Thanks Lexie! 

First time to partake and contribute for an editorial like this... couldn't be more proud of what Fifth Code has become and surely there's so much things to look forward to!! But first, STATUS YARD SALE on December 17!!! Forcing all of you to go :) hahaha

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