At the 2nd floor of the Atrium in SM Megamall can be found the newest, most happening resto in the Metro today. The month of its launch, my Twitter timeline was just exploding with tweets from random people, bloggers and personalities expressing gusto and fulfillment in having dined in at Yabu! I for one was lucky enough to have been invited to taste and experience what this quaint authentic Japanese eatery had to offer.

Katsu is an abbreviation of "Katsuretsu" which means cutlet. This refers to a sliced piece of meat that is breaded and deep-fried introduced to Japanese culture during their steady interactions with the Westerners. Over the course of time, pork ("Ton" in Japanese) was also used in these meals giving rise to "Tonkatsu" to the Japanese cuisine as well. 
Arrived at around 1 in the afternoon and had to wait around 10-15 mins just to be seated because it was packed! You should've seen the line and the amount of people eating at this place. We could always blame the hype but then again if the service, product or item delivers its promise then it's worth the hype! Haha.

Interestingly enough the interiors of the placed also proved to be "appetizing" to the visuals. 
Ordered this Chicken Katsu in Curry Sauce and its serving was intense. Sorry for a lack of better description but let me just say I didn't get to finish the whole dish because I was already full halfway through! Could you imagine that? You guys seriously have to have an empty stomach before dining here.

The very interactive Do-it-Yourself Special Katsu Sauce wherein you have to (1) Grind the sesame seeds, (2) Pour the sauce (3) Mix and lastly (4) Dip you katsu in it!

Busy grinding. Hahaha.

This was what Jamie (www.swinglish.tumblr.com) had. I think this was the Jumbo Prawn Set something. I forgot what it's called. Haha. Sorry for being not filling in the shoes of a professional food blogger. I'm being very relatable about this whole thing. ;)
Meet Jamie (if you haven't met her throught my blog posts)! She lives in Sweden now but she always goes home in the Philippines during her breaks. It's always cool and fun catching up with her and know more about her above average life. haha! The only trade-off is that this girl never seems to stay long enough! Hahah jk

And because it was my birthday last time she gave me a gift from her recent Christmas vacation in Korea! She found this very unique sticker set that features vintage designs.

Too special to use. Will have these stickers scanned and reproduced first! HAHA

So if you're planning for that next awesome dining experience, you just have to head to Yabu (FACEBOOK) in SM Megamall. It's perfect for both being in a large group of friends or enjoying it with just a person or two! Best place to hang-out and catch-up with a dearly missed friend just like what I did! Hahah and besides you can never ever go wrong with the first and only authentic Katsu place in Manila, Yabu! 

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