I'm sure all of you have your best pals in this place we call Earth but just in case you haven't met mine, she's that bubbly girl I'm trying to make stand out in those photos. Hahah. Meet Estela Bagos (http://estelabags.tumblr.com/). Coolest bestfriend I have who doesn't have an inch of pretension to her name and is the most genuine person I have met. She's part of this year's Candy's Council of Cool and I obviously want you to spread the word about it. And make it known how much I'm proud of her! She's always been supporting me since day one and I just want to support her this time around cause she has the spotlight on her! :> She's going to be contributing for them, blog for them and basically be your number one confidante if you want anything to be written about you. Go grab a copy of this month's Candy Magazine and declare your love for her in return. Alright? 


karl said...

haha gusto ko yung title ng blogpost :D =)) go estela bagos! :D

Isa said...

I remember being there during her interview. She's your friend pala. She's one of those who really stood out. :) So sad I'm not COC anymore, though. Going to miss Candy so much!

Congrats to batch 12!

Lorenz said...

Karl: TAMA YAN! hahah narealize ko lang rin how double meaning it is!

Isa: AWWW yun nga eh I thought Batch 12 ka. Like sabay kayo ni Esty. You were earlier pala. :) Yup!! See you soon!!!

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