Have you ever heard of the name Sir Philip Green before? I never did but I just did. He happens to be the billionaire behind TOPMAN! (focus on the man's section... don't care about TOPSHOP.) Interesting fact: He was a high school drop-out. This is…… FRUSTRATING!!!!! :)) How come a lot of successful people are like this (?)

We might not credit him for the creativeness of the brand but at least he owns it! =)) Not to mention 5 other brands that makes up Arcadia. (Much like Suyen Corp. here in the Philippines… You know how it owns both Bench and Human? Never mind.) AS far as I know Wallis and Dorothy Perkins are cousins of Topman. :))

In Topman’s Flagship store in Oxford Street, London we could find the store’s style advisers, who by the way works on you for free in updating your “maybe” outdated, look. If you got no time, you could always avail for their Topshop-to-Go or Topshop Express services that allows you to sit in your home while your personal style adviser arrives in your doorstep with armloads of clothes! Now isn’t that convenient? They might as well bring that concept over here don’t you think?!

“Everyone I know shops there,” Supermodel (who I think should already retire) Kate Moss once said, who also famously teamed-up with the store for her own line. I know a lot of people who buy items from Topman some famous, some just my friends. (who I think are famous…. Ha-ha!) I guess that is why it is appealing since it provides clothes that both celebrities and ordinary people like and it is accessible to them. I’m crazy if I think or say that it is cheap… it is not… (I have only a couple of things from Topman) I’d like them to decrease the prices but if that’ll happen a lot of people are going to have the same items right? So… not a good idea. Anyway, it may cost some serious cash but it definitely is worth it. :) If you’re just like me who wants to have Topman as his personal closet but CAN’T, you could always check the store for inspiration and maybe shop for bargains here and there!


Anonymous said...

"Interesting fact: He was a high school drop-out. This is…… FRUSTRATING!!!!! :)) How come a lot of successful people are like this (?)"

well, naniniwala ako na education is not for everyone. hindi lang dahil sa wala syang pera or what, but simply beacause hindi lang talaga para sa kanya yun! kaya siguro sya naging ganyan ka successful kasi ginawa nya yung gusto nya dahil alam nyang dun sya aangat! di ba nga, kung san ka masaya dapat dun ka! alangan namang pagpilitan mo ang sarili mo dun sa bagay na ayaw mo at malala ayaw din nya sayo! eh di hindi ka na uusod nyan! hehehe kaya dapat kung ano ang strength mo yun ang bigyan mo ng pansin! BOW!!! bwahahaha...nadala yata ako dun ah!!! hehehehe


shella avena said...

a lot of successful people never really finished schooling.. :)

Lorenz said...

Yeah.. the list can just go on and on and on and on and on... whew! basically, CHE just sums it up with her take on the topic. :)) thanks for the comment ShelLA! :D

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