Wanted was just the must-see movie in the theaters as of the moment. I mean, Angelina Jolie vs. Will Smith it is already given right? Aside from this, you know you wouldn’t miss it for the world when you saw the trailer wherein Wesley (James McAvoy) shot the target while Fox (Angelina Jolie) was blocking it and her not getting hit!!!! That made me commit in having to watch it.

The movie was superb. I liked it. It had all the twists and the turns that makes you want to be invested in the movie all throughout. It was gory though (and all the synonyms it entails) with the scenes when he was being hazed into the fraternity. I literally had to squint my eyes for it was just too much to handle. (Exagg.) Oh, I know how you all want to know how Angelina was in the movie. For one, she was just plain gorgeous. I was mesmerized… Second, she had her rear end shown. And with that said, I think you’re sold.

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