When I was YoungER...

There was nowhere to write them down. Hence...

Our CL Teacher fussed about his favorite anime shows to which most of my classmates overwhelmingly responded with their own anime favorites. There were the Samurai X, Flame of Recca, Ghostfighter and the likes.

BUT… some of us do not watch anime. Ha-ha!
So what I did was I asked my friends what were the TV programs we used to love and watch when we were still kids. Anime not included!!!! And we have come up with an impressive list of those shows that almost all 15-year olds, just like you and me, used to love or still love indeed! As a matter of fact, we missed these shows so much!!!! We just wanna see them again!!!!

Once you have went over the list you just know what I am talking about!! It is so good to reminisce those days but at the same time I feel bitter that I have outgrown them! Ha-ha!

To all the teens reading my blog, feel free to comment and add some the shows we probably missed (but I guess there isn’t!) The list is just basically what “our” generation has watched growing up. Whether you are (who’s the most famous 15-year old?) Miley Cyrus (!?) or just plain you (Haha) you have seen it and there is no need to deny it! :D

Here it is:

1. Little Bill
2. Little Lulu
3. Rugrats
4. Double Dare
5. Legend of the Hidden Temple
6. Student Body
7. Gullah gullah Islands
8. Figure It Out
9. Global guts
10. All That
11. Hey Arnold
12. Lizzie McGuire
13. Madeleine
14. Wild Thornberries
15. Popeye
16. Tom and Jerry
17. Cow and Chicken
18. I am Weasel
19. Blue’s Clues
20. Captain Planet
21. Clarissa
22. Dora the Explorer
23. Kenen and Kel
24. Archie
25. Action League
26. Rocko’s Modern Life
27. Ahhh… Real Monsters
28. Amanda Show
29. Scooby-Doo
30. Oh yeah Cartoons
31. Art Attack
32. Are you afraid of the Dark?
33. Even Stevens
34. So Little time
35. Yogi Bear
36. Paddington Bear
37. Winnie the Pooh
38. Adam’s Family
39. Spongebob Squarepants
40. Flinstones
41. Jetsones
42. Sesame Street

Disney / Cartoon Network / Nikelodeon
Rugrats was particularly special for me because it kinda was the 1st thick book I have read. :))

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