SONA 2008

If the weather hadn't been bad today I would be at school and I would miss the SONA. DO YOU REALLY LISTEN TO THE SPEECH? I do. I mean, people talk a lot and sometimes they do not really know what they are talking about and I do not want to be in that same group of people.

It must be really hard to stand in front of a gajillion people and just lie right? So, I don't think the President was lying. Moreover, what she had said was realistic and nothing was exaggerated. A lot of people might not feel the progress that the country has been making but it does not mean that we haven't! It doesn't follow that others lives did not improve! It doesn't necessarily mean that we are not developing! WE ARE and WE MUST RECOGNIZE THAT FACT FOR ONCE!!!!!

Being the President is an awful daunting job to fulfill that is why to be able to stand their and tell the whole country about what we are going through must take guts and enough conviction that indeed you have done you're share of making this country a better place.

PS: By the way, I have plans of becoming the next President of the Philippines. Who know maybe one day I'll be one. :)) And according to the calculator I might just be able to run by 2042, when I'm 50! In US, you could run by 35........

Is 50 really the age of eligibility in becoming the President of the Philippines?


Anonymous said...

If the weather hadn't been bad today I would be at school and I would miss the SONA

pasimple lang yang weather :o may ibang dahilan yan

Lorenz said...

That's what I heard.
Thanks for the comment! :D

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