Bad take

I got the chance to watch the replay of Project Runway Philippines last night. Let's start with the positive: (you just know that I'm gonna criticize it as we move on) There is no doubt about it that there are really creative contestants who joined this season. Now for the negative part... what's up with all of them trying to sound like Kris Aquino? :)) Would it be a sin if they could just learn to accept that they are better off speaking in their native tongue? I really wouldn't see any problem with that but, oh, they are trying to be classy.. maybe that's why! I mean, kudos for them for TRYING and so far so good but wouldn't this be another one season wonder....

...After all this show has been brought to us by the same guys who made Philippines' Next Top Model. Now, this show I couldn't even begin to describe because branding them as pathetic wouldn't even suffice. I just think you, the viewing public, should learn the drill in terms of the localized shows that this particular channel produces which is: IGNORE!

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