Kanye West is an ICON

This would also be my exact words if I would be included in the prestigious Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List. (or not... I mean I have no one to thank but myself. It is either you have or you don't you know.) It may seem to shallow but it IS an achievement!

SO.. the highlight (?) of the list is the inclusion of rapper Kanye West who is a major pop culture icon! His strings of Grammy nominated albums, awards and recognitions have not made this bonda fide hip-hop superstar contented so he made a leap into the fashion world. With which by the way has been influenced greatly by him!

I am a big fan of his personality and style. The way he voice outs his opinions (George Bush doesn't care about black people!) and his overall confidence... the way he carries himself. His grade for a college dropout (I dunno if this is real) is A++++!!!!!!!!!!

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