Crop the Picture Please.

“Kaayusan: Metro Guwapo, Tao Ganado, Produktibo, Kahirapan Naiibsan.”
(Great slogan. Can do without the picture.)

The first time I saw this I just knew it was wrong for more reasons than one. First of all, If he is the embodiment of Metro Guwapo then we all clearly know how come it is still dirty around the Metro. Did he really consider that by placing his humongous-amateur-camera-poses in posters he would inspire the people to "beautify the landscape?" (apparently)Why would anyone be as audacious as this guy who seems to think that the public isn't fed up with him after permanently making all public properties turn into pink?

No matter how many times he would deny this, THIS IS EVIDENTLY A PREMATURE CAMPAIGN!!!!! And of course this isn't without basis after all he has been very vocal about the possibility of running for Presidency by 2010. I remember there was an issue about the Senators who had advertisements, billboards and all other endorsements... now isn't this just the same as those?

I do not know why this happens in the Philippines.

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