Made me smile :)

More reasons to love LAUREN CONRAD! (sigh)

I know she won a surfboard in the recently held TCA for Choice TV Female Reality Star but what caught me by surprise was the fact that she gave it away to somebody else!!! (Read full story

The lucky guy named Pat Pedraja who founded
Driving for Donors was a lukemia patient. Of course, he was more than thrilled to be getting the gift from the angelic LC so much so that he bragged posted this on his website.

“We all look up to celebrities and I want to tell everyone that Lauren Conrad is an exceptional person, more than a reality TV star or fashion designer, but a person that I am proud to look up to. “I hope that one day I can make someone feel as good about themselves as Lauren Conrad made me feel. Shouldn’t we all want to make someone else feel great if we can. Come on celebrities, make someone’s day! It will make you feel good too!”

This is a classic awe moment but it sure is very refreshing. :D
I always found her pretty but I never thought she was this great of a person. SHE has my heart already. :)

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