Posting the July 2008 cover of Rogue featuring Anne Curtis might be super late already but I still think this is the best cover that any Philippine Magazine has produced! This is so divine. It could still be hot say 20 years from now!!!!!! I haven't bought this issue yet but I hope I'm not late... better yet can anyone give me for free? =))

I still have to further my research about this "ROGUE" magazine though. What I know is that they are still fresh or a newbie in this whole magazine business but with a cover like this... I say they go international already!!! :D

It would be really cool if I could write for them. Like what would I write about eh? :))


Anonymous said...

wow ang sexy tlaga nya pare

Sexy Anne Curtis said...

ganda talaga ng layout ng rogue magazine at gaganda ng kinukuha nilang cover..ganda ni talaga ni anne..ganda din ni angel nung ng cover sya ng rogue..

Lorenz said...

LAHAT NAAAA apir!!!!

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