Meet Jed!
He was my classmate for the past two years but he's moving to the States. Needless to say, he was my friend... or so I think... but that would totally make our barkada hang-outs useless if we weren't right? So, I'd like to think he is my "friend." Ha-ha! (labo.) I have blogged about him here and here.

Anyway, for the last time we got together with him today. Good thing that we spent only half of the day in school for some Career Evaluation tests of some sort. (which by the way is so mind boggling!) This was our way of sending him off as what it should really mean: Bonding with friends! :D

He got together with us wearing his 2nd year uniform (WHY???) because apparently this would be his last time wearing it. He got so tall and of course since he hasn't been to school yet ever since June, he managed to grow his hair!

Moving on, we watched a movie (check lower portion), roamed around and by the time we knew it... it was already goodbye! Gino started the special treatment thing by buying Jed crepe. Bjorn followed by buying him a scarf worth what... P400? (yaman.) Then they left. Josef bought him a back issue of Entertainment Weekly and I got him a "Yabang Pinoy" Bracelet!!!! (I'm that cool of a friend because we all know how "in" this abaca bracelet is... and he gets to boast his heritage their in California! :)) well thought of right?) Reii, Karl and Kenneth didn't get him anything..... (working on the assumption that they will eventually...)

That was pretty much about it. He had his apprehensions and we pretty much rubbed it in. How he would have a hard time finding friends in his soon to be new school and community! But it is definitely implied (duh!) that we wish him luck and nothing but the best!

Prom Night was what we originally planned to watch (There is nothing like screaming on top of your lungs with your friends!) but it didn't go our way as it was already pulled down from the "NOW SHOWING" category! :( We watched The Mummy 3 instead! (It has a longer title!) Josef and I agreed it was not a "blog-worthy" movie but I'd just like to get one thing out of my chest: "This movie is not as good as the other two because Rachel Weisz isn't in it and Maria Bello (aka: the replacement) has forced chemistry with Brendan Fraser! They should've stopped at the top!" WHEWWWW!

That's all! :D Comments are very much accepted! :D

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