I'm BACK!!!! I do not know how to make a huge thing out of it but I thought a new pic would do!


So... two weeks without blogging wasn't as hard as I thought it would be (I could almost live without it. Hell no!) but trying to survive a a day without internet was!!!I wasn't supposed to use the internet for the whole exam week as promised but, alas, I failed!! This wasn't imposed on me.. no... it was just that I wanted to do a little sacrifice for the sake of academics. Oh well... it is not like I didn't study!:)) Besides, some reviewers were posted in the class forums that I had to have. ;)

ANYWAY... Now for the exams. How should I fare it? I don't want to say it was easy because I might end up like a fool if the results wouldn't live up to my claim. Uhmm... Let me just say that I studied really, really, really hard for the exams. But what we had in the end was not even half as dificult as I studied for and expected it to be! It is like you want to feel sorry for yourself for exerting so much effort. :( But maybe it was just me since the way I study is not the same for everybody. The way I study for long tests and exams literally would be to copy my notes all over again!!!! =)) I am a physical learner (you know: there are visual, audio and others...)and I just have to move around, write it all down, shout, and do everything that includes movement just for stuff to register in this brain. Maybe that is why all that hardwork is hard for me alone.

The exams are over for now but come December it would be another blog leave for me. But until then let me fill up some posts on this dormant blog to inspire, frustrate, update and keep all of you in a better state than you are now! (That means if you're bored. duh.) ;)

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