i changed my blog header! do you like it? I just had had enough of that
banner already. I thought it was so tacky and it makes my blog look so... amateur. if ever you link me... it's going to be Lorenz's Blog from now on. ok? :))


the inspiration of the header above comes from the picture to your left. it is a poster from Andy Warhol which is part of a series of posters. as you all know, this person started the whole pop art movement that is why it couldn't be more perfect and that statement does summarize what this blog is all about.

the world in my own perspective.


Anonymous said...

,did you still make it on powerpoint? Coz up till now it still amazes me how you do it there.


Lorenz said...

I use this software: Macromedia Flash Mx to make drawings and pictures like those. :D

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