No day but... NOW!

Time for some positivityIt is great quote no? Time and time again we witness people who pursue their dreams despite whatever hindrance we think they SHOULD consider. (Good thing they didn't! Sometimes all you have to do is shun those voices for good.) We have, age, health, gender, and etc. but you really can’t say what God has planned for us! That is something that I really look forward to: To be the person God has always wanted me to be. WHATEVER IT IS! There is nothing in life that offers much satisfaction than being able to live the life you have always wanted and to be the person you thought you should have been all the while. It all depends on us really if we want to still TRY and EXPERIENCE what we have been missing out; besides that is all that counts! :D We really don't want to spend the remaining times of our lives regretting.... (I know I don't.) BUT remember... take it all in a stride.

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