I'll speak when I want to.

Don't you just hate being called to recite when you don't even know the answer?

Why do teachers do that?

I have always been called in class (because I conveniently seat at the center) and most times I admit I do not know the answer. But still they call me even if I give them a blunt (by blunt I mean a glaring, hard to miss, in your face) confused look. This results to embarrassment especially when the teacher leaves you hanging (this is the worst part. prolonging the agony!!!). It takes quite some time for the whole class to acknowledge your stupidity and then you take your seat like you just want to evaporate. They called me just because they wanted to and I don’t even get a say if I know what they are asking me!!!!! This ladies and gentlemen is priceless to the (some) teachers because it makes them feel smart-ER! WHATEV.

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