Why did this topic ever crossed my mind?
Well, since I was at the Araneta a while ago with my family and we watched the opening of the 34th (?) season of the PBA! I'll tell you more about this later. I know, I should like add a sports category in my "labels" and start blogging about them. (From now on, I think i'll be going back and forth to Araneta cuz of the free tickets! Hehe.) Haha. But, yeah let me talk sports for a while.

I have no pictures because I got no 'cool' cam (basta.) besides I don't even understand why some have sneaked in theirs. All I know is it's not allowed. But that is not really what I'm trying to say here! What I want to say is, that Basketball frustrates me because one, i do not know how to play; two, a lot gets disappointed I don't play and three, i think i want to learn how to play but i don't think its still okay. Ha-ha! There... I'm just being honest here! I'm not really a big basketball fanatic but at the same time it doesn't mean that I don't like to watch people play and win. You know what I mean? I still know a thing or two about it. But let's just say... I'm not really inclined to it. There...

So, the opening was all about the teams and their muses. Ha-ha. And for those of you who have watched you know who stole the show right? Yep, it was Pokwang! That was the only entertaining part of that whole ceremony. I would also like to note about just how commercialized that Colisseum is! Don't you all agree? Ha-ha. Being inside is like being in a marketing jungle. All your senses are literally exposed to the brands and their products. So... I find it funny that in one way or the other you are the one who allowed these brands to brainwash you. Ha-ha. It's your fault you even stepped inside so you can't complain when in every step of the way you are being bombarded. Oh wait.. I think i'm referring to myself here. =))

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