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So, the latest commotion, hullabaloo and upheaval in the Metro today is the so-called:


Some of you might have heard about it already and i guess some of you, just like me, would like to learn more about it. (there's interest in the latter!) Let me simplify this very hyped up story. (Seriously, when i heard this i was like: "was someone burned?" ditzy :))) In the bonfire event that Ateneo staged to celebrate their recent win in the UAAP, the 'organizers' had the very swell idea (sarcasm okay? sheesh.) of putting the names of those who compose the De La Salle Green Archers bandwagon in the firewood. I'm talking about the names of the players, their management, and the staff. Eventually, we see this being burned thus, the bonfire. :)) (Sorry, I can't help but smile because it's not like this is going to be filed under my "a matter of life and death" category.)

Photos courtesy of Pinoy Teens Online (yes, there is such a site...)

That's really all there is to it but the aftermath as to why this happened is CRAZY. People are reacting left and right and I think there really is no need for me to comment much further! :) Whew! Now, it seems that De La Salle wants to complain and they're demanding a public apology from Ateneo. It's getting this serious y'all and for this act to be committed at a point in time where they were in ecstasy (extreme happiness)... then they are still not ready for this consequence to arise. I bet fingers are pointing as to who did this in their camp... Why? Because EVERYBODY is not pleased with this that's for sure. However, I would still like to place the strongest points of Mr. Miguel Balmaceda who's entry I just happen to read somewhere. (Oh, BTW he's on Ateneo's side) Here are those:

  • That this has been a tradition. (Not theirs specifically but others daw)
  • It's symbolic not literal.
  • This is part of the deal.
  • This is just a small issue.

If you want to read his points then click here.
If I were on Ateneo's side on this one, those points would be what I would express but I'm not on their side. These points are obviously meant to justify their actions and if you were too submissive then these reasons you would accept gladly. NOT ME! (I would like to keep this short:) "Before I always took Ateneo as the humbler opponent (stress: before) and in fairness to La Salle they haven't done anything this degrading (not with anything i can remember...) so this act was tolerated by Ateneo and we need to focus on that FACT! Regardless, if this is part of the deal or not, you started being O-V-E-R-T-L-Y (you know unnecessary? uncalled for? exagg?) mean and you just started a war...." (joke. Ha-ha. I hope I didn't just start a revolution... peace!)


But I guess this comment pretty much sums it up for everybody:
"That's foul! Way below the belt! WE never did that when we became Champions... that just shows the kind of breeding and class Ateneans have! I mean, nasaan na yung values nila? Nakakahiya sila, I pity the good Ateneans out there... the act kasi reflects the institution as a whole. A lot of people share naman the same sentiments, even some Ateneans. Sa akin lang, it's okay to enjoy but to a certain extent... With that act, they did not give respect ti the players' families, destroyed Ateneo's reputation, and made a fool of themselves..."
-Quote from a Classmate / Devout La Sallite / Basketball Player (so he knows how it must have feel) =))

Hey... but as usual: "Bukas po ang aking blog sa inyong mga panig..."

UPDATE: Ateneo's saying sorry. I heard Mike Enriquez (represent!) report it... :D :D :D


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Grabeh talaga ang nagawa ng iilang Ateneans, tsk..

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Lagi naman may lokoloko na tao. Malas lang ng Ateneo, ung isa nasama sa bonfire organizers nila. =))

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` baaaaaad . cla . ;x


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