It's the end for my guilty pleasure

I watched High School Musical 3 with my "friends" last night and there's really no better company than them in catching this flick and.... Oh, you want to know what I think about the movie? I think the movie was GREAT for every High School Musical fan out there. I wasn’t able to tone down my excitement that I just was very giddy in the theater! :)) It goes without saying though that before catching this movie you should evaluate whether you like the 1st two movies because if you didn’t? I bet you’ll find every damn error this movie has (eg: weak story line – which I personally think can be excused because it’s just a continuation) and honestly… YOU COULD JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! No one forced you to watch!!!! Whew. I’m becoming defensive here. :))

The scenes that I liked the best were
the prom and the ending. The prom because I’m about to be part of this very soon and they’re portrayal about the whole anticipation was so true; the ending because when each of them got to be featured on screen and they were teary-eyed it made it all so sincere. WE all closely followed the High School Musical franchise and it’s just so sad to see it end. Or will it? It’s just so sad to see it end for this group (better!). (I hope HSM 4 will never be created. Booo…)

The HSM gang are all seniors and what happens to them in the future? Will Troy still stickup for his love for theater or not? These questions and more can be satisfied when watching the film and yes, it doesn’t hurt when the characters will sing their way through it.


If you hated the movie I only have one thing to say: “Go see your guidance counselor. You have issues.”

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