WE WON!!!!!!!!!

This day can't get any more perfect!!!!

I'm here at Gino's house to do our Culinary Arts project tomorrow early morning but that is NOT what i'm actually ecstatic about today. For something bigger has happened!!!! :D

You know what it is?

WE (bjorn, josef and I.. with Sir Cheto as our coach and model Daniel Naval!) won the "Jazz Up your Jeans On-the-Spot making contest" sponsored by the Intellectual Property Philippines and by Levi Strauss!!! :) :) :) The prize? 25 thousand grand but of course we divided it equally... and I really don't have so much time to blog so I promise to make an entire entry just about what happened this day. October 23, 2008! The best... :>


camille said...

congrats. ;)

Anonymous said...

way to go.....you know who this is????!!!!!!!
your tita ofcourse.
i'm so proud of you.
keep it up.

Lorenz said...

thanks camille!
thanks tita itchuk!!! :)

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