I'm itching

...to blog that is. As I've said I have tons of things to do but I don't want to prolong this post since it wouldn't be fresh! Ha-ha! I really don't have much to say so I'd like to just share the pictures I took - I think that those pretty much sum up what I did for the past days. :P
Early arrival in Iloilo. In my lola's place in the backyard where they wash the dishes and all...My lolo's sister, Lola Caring's garden full of flowers she planted.
The obligation starts here...Followed here...Spent most of our time for my lolo who died early this year.So glad my favorite cousin, Ella, showed up and eased my boredom!The port going to Guimaras.Iloilo is an old place and it's full of relics from the Spanish era.A gecko, they stick in your skin when in contact!!!! eeew. The sun sets and everything ends...
Me trying to work the whole province feel of the place. This could be a career you know. =))

I have been so refereshed and inspired because of my sembreak. I, going back to Iloilo has always been a form of retreat for me. I take time to relax and evaluate, taking advantage of the serenity and the simplicity the place offers. Revisting the place only reminds me of my mom's roots and how I should be thankful that ever since we have come so far already. (Okay.. I lied! Maybe I have something to say about the whole trip there. :))
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