The Palace School

My brother studies at Enderun and I always wondered how their student population could fit in one small part of a building in Ortigas. They have since moved to McKinley Hill just a few months ago and it was so cool being able to go inside!!! :)) My brother acted like one when he took the time to tour me around the school of which he is really proud of.

The place was full of guys and girls clad in business attire that made them look... uhhh.... professional! :P It was really funny to find out that he had friends!!! (joke.)

When you read Enderun's mission from their website you'll find phrases like international caliber, cutting-edge technology, urivalled professionals and global industry. And it just screams ELITE for me. HAHA. My brother is really lucky to have the course that suited him and now I'd have to wish for the same luck in finding mine.

Advertising? Information Design? Communication Arts?
Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. :P
(images from Enderun)

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