I read this article about experiencing burn out from school and you know what?
Maybe, I am BURNED OUT.

Am I physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted? YES!
Do you doubt your capabilities? YES!
Are you unable to focus? YES!
Are you cynical about things? YES!
Do you consider yourself in crisis?

If you answered all five questions with a solid yes then prepare to go downhill from this point forward. Waaah!!!!!!!!!! I want to scream, explode and vanish all at the same time!!!! I'm a bit pessimistic now that I'm not satisfied with how my academics are playing out. That's the truth.
Everybody reaches the point where they're tired and hopeless. I know I have arrived.The pressure of this year has never been more intense compared to the previous years and I am just coping with it. That's all I could do...

But if I were to advice those people who are just ready to give up...
I will say: "STOP BEING PESSIMISTIC! You know you can do it so stop over analyzing things!"

Haha. I know what you're going to say...

"LORENZ, maybe you should take a dose of your own medication." ;)
When I did this post maybe its just one of those days... (you surely know what I mean.) HAHA! It's funny how there is THAT DAY in a week that you feel confident, happy and full of energy but there also comes a day in that same week where you wonder what happened!!!! There was never a week that I was consistently in high spirits... I always found a day that I was depressed, sloppy and irritable. Bipolar??? haha. but that sudden mood swing happens within minutes. :-o too extreme.


jed said...

i feel so bad for you!

Lorenz said...

:)) thanks. i think. :))

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