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Bjorn's pictures have lives on their own so I don't need to put them on a lay-out! :))

Click on the link for more outtakes from our retreat-cum-advance birthday party! :D

DECEMBER 17, 2008

This is where Victor devotes his time and effort, their Parish in Bulacan. He plays the organ and leads the choir. By the way, we love doing jumping shots and Bjorn always takes the picture... In case you're wondering!

DECEMBER 18, 2008

Joseph, Nico and Victor: PITSTOP at a Gasoline Station in Subic...Barya lang po sa umaga... ;)

Prepare yourself for the group shots that you will see... as in madami!

We didn't start this but we'd like to claim it!!!

Jacob Black took this shot of ours. HAHA! His look-alike that is...

"Hehehe... Dapat dinner to!!! Oh Well.." Yeah, I knew this was coming ;) I kinda foresee things. Look at my dad from behind.. Owww! He wishes he had this as a kid ;P


i'm over it!!!!! HAHA! I get bored easily.

Check the Archie count on the right part of my blog. :>

Bjorn's gift! SO... Nico gave me a G-TECH! Ian got me a chess board (okay, it's glass.. big deal! joke!)! Karl bought me "The Fifth Mountain" (I'm scared!) Victor's gift was the transportation! ohh....


We were classmates in 1st year, NICO and I, but we never really talked a lot. haha! But we are friends... at least that's what he tells me. Nah... Nico is really everybody's friend in class. He sings, he's a ladies-man and future Sam Concepcion rival. WHOA! Despite the fact that we don't talk that much I trust him and see a great person in him. He is really good natured and we could really be good friends over time! YUN YUN EH!
IAN is older than me but can you tell? He loves Social Science and History and Politics and Government and Economy and he's boring! Joke. HE's really such a great friend and he gets along with everybody. Oh, and yeah, instead of saying torpe I say he's on the shy side. :)) ...He is really lucky to be hanging out with us. ;p

JOSEPH is almost always described as serious but he's a silent doer maybe that's why. He's really down-to-earth and when he says something it's with substance and truth. :) Whenever I talk to him it's very fruitful.

Who's VICTOR and who's BJORN? I think the names fit the personaliy (and face) so GO FIGURE!! Bjorn is the most outgoing person I've ever met since I existed in this world... haha! He's an awesome photgrapher, trendsetter and computer expert. A really cool guy. ...Him and I are a package deal when it comes with things and I seriously wouldn't have it in any other way. Victor? As what I've said he's HOLY!!! He's into cooking, directing and Christian Living! haha... He is very opinionated, loyal, and shamelessly himself. That's what we need right? RIGHT! What I love about these guys is that we know how to talk with our eyes. All of us do but we just get each others drift! WULOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!! :))

HAHAH! HEEEHEHHE!! HAHAH!! HOOOOO!!! What makes LORENZ happy is when he is with his friends!! He is very loyal, protective and possessive of them that he just wants to put them on display in his secret laboratory where he turns his friends into action figures. JUST LAUGH! GREGG, we were started on the wrong foot but I'm glad we resolved our issues. I honestly have grown to like him. He is a great person and is quite an achiever!!! ...I'm always amazed by how he manages his studies and other extra-curricular things...

KARL, is my partner-in-crime and sidekick. He is my guidance counselor whenever I'm depressed (which is often)!!! He is in the running towards becoming LSGH's next Valedictorian come 2010 and he deserves it since we benefit from him ---> MEANING: he teaches us stuff we don't get! SHEESH!

MIGI, is like everybody's bestfriend in the group and he's mine too! Talented and Well-rounded is overused. Migi is a good person inside and out and he will be someone to watch out for in the coming years! yeah... ...He is the type of person everybody roots for, he has a George Clooney appeal - guy's guy type of man and he is just a man of character. There's more to him than meets the eye. :D

P.S.: I apologize for the descriptions because you guys are just to awesome to be described. I don't do you any justice :( DRAMA! WORDS FAIL ME!!!!!

DECEMBER 19, 2008


During the latter months of November I had invited the group of people I have come to grow close with inside and outside the confines of our classroom: Bjorn, Karl, Joseph, Victor, Nico, Migi, Ian and Gregg to be in Subic with me as I celebrate in advance my 16th Birthday. We’ve been to Bulacan before and I liked their company big time!!! We’ve been like a family and these people see me in the light I have always wanted to be seen in- I don’t even know what it is but I know I’m safe with these guys.

I'm technically still 15 until the 24th of December... but I've imbibed being 16 already.

Bakit masama?!

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