December 18, 2008 - ANVAYA COVE

November 1, 2008
(In my Lolo’s grave site, Iloilo City)

Lorenz: Ma… Can I be audacious for once?
Mama: Sige lang… Be as audacious as you can get.
Lorenz: Ehem… ma… can I celebrate my birthday in Anvaya with my friends? I just want to ask kasi I don’t want to regret not asking you… I don’t get to enjoy my birthday (12/24) kasi para siyang family reunion….I want to be with my friends. Si RJ nga eh… I hope you understand I want to spend time with my friends… I’m in this age where I want to be with them… It’s about time I spend my birthday with them
Kasi kelan pa… When I’m 20??? Ma… Birthday gift mo na ‘to promise... please???
Mama: When are you planning to have it?
Lorenz: After our Christmas party… mga December 17 siguro
Mama: (silence. Does something with her phone)
Lorenz: MA!
Mama: Okay. That’d be nice rin you could do a lot sa Anvaya.
Lorenz: Ma… keep your promise okay?
Mama: (silence)
Lorenz: MA!
Mama: OO nga! Tsk… I had it alarmed sa phone ko so that when I get to Manila I could reserve.
Lorenz: [I have to remind her every now and then. :D]
The next day...
SILVER LININGS!!!! (look it up.) haha! We took this using Ian's Sony Cybershot but Bjorn's take on our trip will be uploaded soon and those would look so professional! :)) PATIENCE. So... we did a lot of things in Anvaya Cove, we played beach volleyball, kayak race, football, we ate a lot, watched Sixth Sense, Opened my gifts, Swam in the pool, swam in the beach, rested on our villa suites! haha. THAT'S JUST THE WAY WE ROLL.....


Anonymous said...

Nice pics and nice post!

By the way, for those interested to inquire about the properties at Anvaya Cove and don't know where to ask/go, you can send email to



Lorenz said...

im sure you're working for Anvaya! :))) march 28...Anvaya turns 1 year :D

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