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Blog Entry: MARCH 5, 2008:
Brought the entry back up because it's surprisingly relevant for me at this point in time. ;)

I really got intrigued by this excerpt from a magazine interview:

"I'm open to the possibility that there is a God..."

Maybe there IS.
Maybe there ISN'T.

The gist about what this person said was that it was not important for him to know and discover if there really is a GOD because it doesn't matter. He doesn't go to Church nor does he practice any of the religious traditions because he doesn't believe in them. He points out that essentially we have to do good to others since that is what is required of us regardless if we are to be judge by God himself. And I kind of agreed with him when he said that, "people go to Church just to make themselves feel less guilty but then again, they all go back into being jerks as the days progresses..."

Doesn't that make you stop and contemplate?

I was born and raised as a Catholic however thoughts like those do linger in my head...

Basically, majority of us, Filipinos, are Catholics but still we do things that doesn't befit our nature. And I am not exempted with this... So, with that being said, aren't we all HYPOCRITES to our religion and to GOD? Did God stop you from doing what is wrong? I didn't think so....

I hope we realize that no mater what we do we should always do what is good.
That is what is our God truly is all about.
He values harmony, justice, peace and love.

If God is an entity..
A He...
A She...
Perhaps an It,

I know 'God' wants us to do good.
Spread peace amongst ourselves
and love one another!


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