Life is Kismet

Quotable Quote:
"Benjamin (Brad Pitt's role) is like a cue ball and all the people he collides with leaves marks on him. That's what life is- a collection of these dents and scratches. They are what make him who he is and not anyone else."

-David Fincher (director)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button opens January 8.

Originally Posted: 12/29/08

As soon as I have read the quote aforementioned I felt that this movie was something not to be missed. (Also I watch movies I recommend since I value credibility. ;)) True enough, the movie did not disappoint! It really is a masterpiece for anybody involved in this project as this is the best film I have seen so far! The movie lasted for 2 hours and couple of minutes so I probably felt a bit dragged but nevertheless the so-called "suspension of disbelief" (thanks miss ginny!) was not for once disrupted making the movie great, insightful and captivating!!! P.S.: My favorite scene was when Benjamin (Brad Pitt) was recounting the events leading to the accident of Daisy (Cate Blanchett). WHOA! When you get to see the movie you'll know what I mean... Life is kismet!

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