HAHA! the title says it all right?
My mom got me into thinking how come I don't do much stuff. Why I don't have extra classes to develop talents and the like. Most of my time is spent looking screen getting lost in cyberspace and it hit me that ENOUGH is ENOUGH I have to do something productive with my time!!!
One of my main resolutions for this year is to find a new talent that has been waiting to be develop in me AND alongside that is to cultivate what those I have at the present. People my age have been doing a lot with the time they have outside school and I get really jealous when I compare myself with them. (Okay... I don't get REALLY jealous because I tell myself that I'm in such a better place because my parents don't force me to take taekwondo lessons every Saturday morning. HAHA!)

I would have to have the passion to pursue my interests because I'm not getting any younger and it's a competetive world out there!!! It's a dog eat dog world and you better bring something to the table if you really want to make it! HAHAH! =)) I've been too stressed. I'm sorry. :DAnother thing that's been on my mind is College! Now talent and interest and course and college should be reconciled to fit in one sentence if you want to succeed in life. As people say you have to figure out what do you want to do after college that wouldn't seem like work! If I go into the Arts I'm scared I'm not good enough that's why I have to prepare myself for what lies ahead!!! I want to know by now what do I really want to do with my life!!! CRISIS!!!

And College wouldn't be as terrifying (as if it isn't already) as it is if not for the Entrance Exams! I have been really bothered with WHAT IF's and I know I shouldn't entertain negative thoughts but can you blame lil' poor old me? Although there are times when I look at a College student, scrutinize him/her, realize that I'm so much better and convince myself that this person has been to College so...SO CAN I!!! =))
....Too many ramblings so little time.(sigh)


Dorothy said...

hI!!! wow..you're so young but already seriously thinking about what life is in store for you and what you actually gonna do in your life for that matter...hehe. But know what...that's actually a good sign and much better than never thinking about it at all. You write and think as if you're not 16 but much older. But don't worry too much...you're not yet in crisis..hehe...you're too young...so just enjoy!

Lorenz said...

WORRYING-A-LOT is my middle name! =)) Hi DOROTHY! thank you for checking my blog and FOR READING MY POST!!! Awww. it makes me SMILE! :D

chris said...

I like the honesty in your post. This one is true:

"Now talent and interest and course and college should be reconciled to fit in one sentence if you want to succeed in life."

Going to college seems scary at first but it's one of the best times of a student's life. Anyway, what course will you take? I guess by this time you are now decided.

Lorenz said...

You liked that? :)) sometimes I surprise myself. %-)

What course... if you know about "Information Design" in Ateneo then you'd agree but it's still a new course. Have you heard about it? :))

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