February 13 - Great Date

Last Friday (February 13) was completely a different story from what we all had to face the day before (3 words: Chemistry Long Test! :-o). Kabihasnan was really fun and when I'd compare it with the first one when we were freshmen... THERE'S EVEN NO COMPARISON AT ALL! :> More friends. More activities. More money. More memories. HAHA! (I don't know how to blog anymore. :)

Pasiklaband was an event spearheaded by 3A wherein homegrown bands of LSGH would battle against one another. :> To say it was successful would be an understatement!!! Congrats to all whom it is due. ;)

Karl, Victor, Joseph, Gregg, Me, Nico and Mikee (!?) =))

Oh, Oh, I took this pic of Sir Ira (our guidance counselor!) :> wala lang. :))

My bestfriends are also my classmates. :> here with our adviser Miss Annie Sorbito!!! >:D<

Roi man...

The highlight of that day: Bonding with my prom date Sophie. >:D<>"SDR to the MAX" (High School Faculty Variety Show) [WE MISS MS. KATE'S DANCE MOVES! :(] and "Schoolture Shock" (all-girl band competition. Migi was with as din) together. It ended late but at least I was with the one I wanted to be with. :D there!!!! =))


vic said...

thanks for the congratulatons Lorenz. I know I deserve it.hahahaaha!!! =))

Lorenz said...

=)) =)) =))
congrats victor!

akuin mo na. :>

kate said...

hi lorenz! what dance moves?!:))i miss school, but not necessarily doing some booty-shaking on stage...haha:o)

Lorenz said...

Miss! There was this 50's inspired number and we honestly could see you fit right in wearing your trademark headband and cropped bolero jacket! =)) =)) =)) sayang. . . hehe!

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