February 14 - Quick Time

With no intention of going to Saturday's fair ( I was tired and I had things to do) ... I was obliged to go by my very demanding friends so I did. :> It was after all February 14, school fair, valentine's day... everybody spread the love!
Huh? What?! Me vain. NAAAH. :-/
Mikka and Estela arrives!!! :DThis day's highlight: Estela asked me to their prom. :D Her and her friend's efforts were really beyond crazy when they started coniving with my classmates to drop my desk with some anonymous letters for 3 days (!?). :-o I said yes (of course) so I'm going to their prom on the 7th of March. :D
Roi, Migi, Victor, Karl, Estela, Gregg, Joseph, Mikka and Bjorn. I TOOK THE PIC. : Standing in line to watch "La Salle Idol 2"
When the show started my dad arrived. I have art lessons on Saturday's remember? So I didn't get the chance to finish the show and I 'supposedly' missed out on a lot of things. (sigh) How convenient. : MANOLO GUANZON won 2nd place!!!!!!!!!! >:D<

Wanna know what I missed out?
here and here to know more about it.
Guys, you know the drill! ;)

Pictures: bjornphile.multiply.com

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